A run in the snow

We got our first significant snowfall on Friday which was only about 6 inches, but significant compared to the 1- and 2- inch snowfalls we’ve been getting. The dogs enjoyed it maybe a little too much. In addition to running and rolling in it, they couldn’t make up their minds whether to stay in or out and subsequently tracked snow throughout the house.

Practicing the "stay" command, pack style.

Practicing the “stay” command, pack style.

The only solution was a run in the pasture. Our neighbor’s pup who is more often than not a nuisance, joined them and between the pack and I, we kept him in line. We feel a little sorry for him since the only real social interaction or affection he receives is from us, and at the young age of 6 months, has already been hit by cars three times; the last required a tail amputation so he looks more like a Rottweiler than the Chessie cross that he is.

Still staying!

Still staying!

But they all had a good time running through the snow. Not to waste an opportunity, I spent a minute or two working on the “stay” command pack-style. Doc, Mia and Elvis all worked the ditch for Pheasants but came up empty. In the end, it was just what they needed and they thankfully spent the rest of the morning sleeping.



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2 Responses to A run in the snow

  1. 2browndawgs says:

    Yikes! Hit by a car three times before 6 months old. It is nice of you to give the doggie some fun. I fear he will have a short life. Nice to see your gang having fun in the snow.


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