Escapees returned

The guys were raising a royal fuss this morning and upon going outside, I found a Mastiff and Chessie-cross exploring the neighbor’s yard. The Chessie was as friendly as can be and came right up to me however the Mastiff, although friendly, didn’t trust me enough to catch her.


The two escapees.

The two escapees.

Since the Chessie and Mastiff were obviously buddies, my first tactic was to leash the Chessie and hope she would draw the Mastiff in close enough to leash. That didn’t work so I locked the stray Chessie in our garage and grabbed a handful of dog food to hopefully bait the Mastiff in close enough to catch.

She was still too smart for me and while she’d eat out of my outstretched hand, wouldn’t come close enough for me to grab her collar. Choco, our neighbor’s Chessie cross, and the Mastiff became instant playmates and I was able to influence them into our yard to play. While playing with Choco, the Mastiff rolled over on her back which gave me a chance to leash her and lead her into the garage.


The Mastiff and Chessie cross waiting for their owner.

The Mastiff and Chessie cross waiting for their owner.

Luckily the stray Chessie was wearing tags so I was able to call the owner who came and picked them up. It turns out that the Chessie was his pup and the Mastiff was their neighbor’s dog, and they lived nearly 3 miles away. All of which took about 1 ½ hours and they were on their way back home.

A couple of unrelated items, I spent most of yesterday with Sophie and Elvis doing our therapy visits and they did very well. Also, Doc appeared in the April issue of Sentieri di Caccia and I’d like to thank my blog followers for being so engaged in not only bringing issues to my attention, but opportunities such as this.

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6 Responses to Escapees returned

  1. jenniesisler says:

    Thank goodness you were there to wrangle the dogs – seems like there’s no telling how far they’d have gotten in their curiosity if you hadn’t been. And congrats on the apeparance in the magazine! As photogenic as Doc is, how could they not want him as a model?:)


  2. 2browndawgs says:

    Very cool that Doc was in a magazine. I don’t know. It seems you attract a lot of Chessies…lol.


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