Honor drills

Trainers have often said that honoring is one of the easier hunting aspects to teach your bird dog; when you think of it, honor or backing, and respect are really one and the same. Bird dogs need to honor or respect the bird, they need to honor or respect their brace mate, and they need to respect their owner/handler. But as Dr. Price mentioned in one of his sermons (different topic, same principle): in order to be respected, you must be respectable. Based on that, if your dog is going to respect you, you must first be a respectable owner/ trainer/ handler.

During Friday’s drills in honoring, I used four homing pigeons, giving both Mia and Doc two birds to point and two to honor. Right now I’m just using the “whoa” command but will add the e-collar if necessary. Normally I use the “tone” setting but will go up to 1.5 or 2, which is no more than a vibrating sensation and serves as a reminder rather than a real correction. And yes, I did try the e-collar on myself before I put it on them.

Doc is an intense pointer but Mia isn’t as steady, however I’m debating on whether or not to correct her steadiness. On the one hand, she should be steadier on point, but on the other hand I like the fact that she moves her head to keep her nose within the bird’s scent cone when the breeze shifts.


What's in the weeds?!

What’s in the weeds?!



It's Mia!

It’s Mia!

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2 Responses to Honor drills

  1. Those are great videos. Your dogs are doing really well with honor and steady. We struggle with steady and honor. Hunt tests and birds falling out of the sky are just too darn exciting to our bumble brains. 🙂


  2. Thanks. I have the same problem but I guess they figure that the quicker they break on the bird, the quicker they can get to the next one?!


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