Mia’s morning hunt

I left one very upset young man Friday morning when I took Mia hunting and left Doc at home. We combined Pheasant with duck hunting and had several opportunities for both.

Apparently YouTube has an issue with viewing videos through certain channels, so hopefully you’l be able to see the videos.

Not a single ripple on the water.

Not a single ripple on the water.

Not long after starting out, I came upon a pair of teal but was unable to get a shot off. After hunting for a while, Mia flushed several rooster Pheasants while working the brush and although I had a good clean shot on one rooster, I missed it.

We were hunting a slough with the breeze to our backs when suddenly Mia hit a solid point. I took the opportunity to video her for several seconds before giving her my “track” command. She went into the brush and tracked for several hundred feet before losing the scent.

Continuing on, we eventually came upon a few ducks scattered along the stream. I winged one and it swam into the willows on the opposite side of the stream. Mia had been behind me hunting the brush and hadn’t seen any of the ducks, so it was a blind retrieve for her.

I sent her across the stream hoping she’d pick up the duck’s scent and find it in the brush but she wasn’t able to catch its scent.

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1 Response to Mia’s morning hunt

  1. I could see the videos.Nice point. The cover sure is thick on the other side of the water.


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