Casting in the snow

Our Sunday plans changed, and the cold front that brought snow also froze the muddy ground, so after letting the dogs run the pasture for a bit, I worked with Mia and Doc on casting. I wanted to focus their training on taking a line putting some distance in their retrieves.

I began with tossing each of them a couple of bumpers just to get their mind on retrieving, then set 3 bumpers with wings attached. For this exercise, I made it a point to let them see me drop the bumpers, and dropped them in plain sight.

I did 2 iterations with each dog, placing the second set of bumpers between where the first set had been placed. By taking this approach, it will gradually increase their distance and allow them to move on to blind retrieves.

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2 Responses to Casting in the snow

  1. They did really well. When we have started casting, we have done it toward a treeline so the dogs have a visual. I think it is a bit harder without that visual.


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