Pheasants in the field

Running in the pasture is free time for the guys and there are only 3 rules: 1- don’t run off, 2- come when called, and 3- don’t eat horse manure. Other than that, they can do pretty much anything they want, which is usually hunting birds and investigating scents of the creatures that trespassed on their little private reserve.


Elvis honoring Doc on point, 1-31-15

Elvis honoring Doc on point, 1-31-15

Doc and Elvis usually head for the ditch to hunt it while Mia and the Labs go for the pasture’s heavy grass. Saturday morning Doc, followed by Elvis, crawled under the fence and immediately went on point with Elvis honoring nicely. I didn’t want to crawl over the fence and didn’t want to call them off their point, so I told them to “track”.


Doc on point, 1-31-15

Doc on point, 1-31-15

They worked the ditch bank for a distance and then dropped down into the ditch, following it the entire length of the pasture. Doc’s head popped up as he went on point and as I approached, a rooster and five hen Pheasants flushed from the ditch bank just feet from where Doc was on point. Nice work for both Doc and Elvis.

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3 Responses to Pheasants in the field

  1. jenniesisler says:

    Nice! Lovely photos as usual and I wish I could get big fuzzy faced kisses from Doc! He’s my favorite, though I love all your dogs. And I love the rules too – sounds like good ones to live by for four legged humans and the two legged ones alike;)


  2. How neat to see the pheasants and good job dogs.


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