An expensive opening day

Doc and Mia work a hillside during opening day of partridge and sage hen season.

Doc and Mia work a hillside during opening day of partridge and sage hen season.

Saturday was opening day for partridge and sage hen season and while some hunters were successful, I was in the category of those who weren’t.

To begin with, I lost my Garmin Astro GPS handheld device within the first hour of hunting. It must not have had it clipped securely because when I went to check it, it was gone. I retraced my route but with the lava formations and sage brush, finding it would be next to impossible.

Since I was focused on finding my GPS, I wasn’t paying any attention to Doc and Mia and as a result, I flushed a big sage grouse rooster. Not being in a position to shoot, I could only watch it fly off.

I gave up on finding the GPS and we hunted a couple more hours without seeing any sign of birds. Then upon returning to the truck, I discovered the truck had a flat tire and what should have been a simple 10-minute job ended up taking over an hour. The mechanism used to lower the spare tire from under the truck bed was in the wrong position for me to insert the crank handle and lower it.

After trying a variety of methods to lower it, I eventually put the tire iron between the bumper and tail gate and put pressure on it. This created enough space between them to fully insert the crank handle and lower the spare tire. Since I didn’t want to be driving around on the desert without another spare tire, I called it a day.

On the bright side, the guys must be gaining experience in desert hunting because I didn’t have many cactus thorns to pull out of their feet and legs.

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2 Responses to An expensive opening day

  1. That is too bad. It was an expensive day for sure.


  2. Technology is great, but very expensive when combined with carelessness.


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