Christmas miracle moon

The Christmas moon that saved the cat

The Christmas moon that saved the cat

It seems kinda fitting that the full moon on Christmas Day would lead to a small miracle for our neighbor’s cat.

It began a week ago when our neighbors went on a Christmas vacation, and we volunteered to watch their house and take care of their dog (Oso) and cat (we call Bobbie). “Bobbie” is an outside cat used primarily for mousing, so we may go a day or two without seeing her.

The last time we saw Bobbie was the day the neighbors and their relatives packed their car and hit the road. Two days went by before we became concerned about not having seen her, and for the next four days searched for her, called her, and asked the neighbors if they had seen her. There was no sign of her and we thought that she had been eaten by a hawk or owl, although several times Carrie thought she heard a cat meowing.

On Christmas morning I stepped outside to take a picture of the full moon and heard distinct meowing, which I tracked down to the neighbor’s SUV. Apparently while packing their vehicles, the Bobbie sneaked inside the SUV where she had been trapped for the past 6 days.

We called their daughter who came over and unlocked the vehicle; Bobbie was in better shape than I would have expected, probably due to the fact that she was overweight to begin with. However she wouldn’t have lasted much longer with no food or water and the nighttime temperatures dropping well below zero. But other than being dehydrated and hungry, she’s no worse for wear and along with Oso, is happy to spend the cold winter nights in our garage.

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2 Responses to Christmas miracle moon

  1. Thank goodness you found her. That is a fabulous picture. A belated Merry Christmas to you!


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