Spinone brace on point

Friday was the first time I braced Doc, Mia and Elettra all together. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was happy with what I saw.

After giving everyone a run in the pasture, I worked each of the Spinone on a bird, practicing casting and influencing them as we went. As I’ve said before, Elvis isn’t strong on pointing but loves tracking so that’s what we worked on. After finishing their solo training, I braced Mia, Doc, and Elettra just to see what would happen.

A flock of partridge had flown into the pasture between the time that I set the last bird and let them into the pasture to hunt it. The wind was at their backs, and Mia raced downwind of Doc and Elettra then suddenly went on point.

Doc on point with Elettra and Mia honoring

Doc on point with Elettra and Mia honoring

Given the wind conditions, I knew she couldn’t have scented the pigeon, then a few seconds later Doc and Elettra flushed the flock of partridge which were downwind of them, but a couple hundred feet upwind of Mia. If you watch the video on a larger screen such as a computer, you will see Mia on point at the top right of the screen, and the partridge flushing.

We continued training and a few minutes later, Doc established point on the pigeon I set. Elettra honored, and I called Mia over who as hunting the nearby ditch. She honored nicely and for a minute or so, all three were on a very nice point and honor.

Elettra stole Doc's point

Elettra stole Doc’s point

Then Elettra stole Doc’s point and I let her for several reasons. 1- I haven’t worked with her on honoring; 2-I wanted to see how Doc reacted to someone stealing his point; and 3- I wanted them free to make mistakes in order to see what we need to work on.

Neither Doc nor Mia moved a muscle and to her credit, Elettra didn’t do her “sit-down” point. Over all, I was very happy with what I saw.

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2 Responses to Spinone brace on point

  1. Cool videos. It is nice to see them all perfectly still.


  2. Thanks, I’ve entered them in Senior hunt tests next month so it’ll be interesting to see how they do.


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