Hey Grandpa, What’s for Supper?

Okay, so I’m no Grandpa Jones but here’s a list of this year’s recipes for the ducks, Pheasants, and grouse I bagged.

Roasted grouse –
My own recipe, I roasted the grouse in light olive oil with a little poultry seasoning, black pepper, and seasoned salt. A side dish of sliced and breaded summer squash and it made a pretty good lunch.

Apple roasted Pheasant –
This is a recipe from Wildchow that I used on a pair of Pheasants. I doubled the cooking time since I was cooking two birds instead of one and topped the birds off with homemade cranberry sauce. It was downright delicious. The ingredients included:

Salt and pepper
tart apple
soft butter

Pheasant Kiev –

Pheasant kiev

Pheasant kiev

This recipe came from The Field, top 10 best pheasant recipes. Not to waste anything, I deboned the wings and thighs which I added to the garlic butter stuffing for the breasts. Other than overcooking them a little, they turned out great. Ingredients included:
vegetable oil

Smoked duck –


A little overdone but delicious

A little overdone but delicious

This is “The World’s Best Smoked Duck” recipe from The Outdoor Line and yeah, it could be the world’s best recipe. The only change I made to the recipe boiling the duck in it’s apple cider brine after soaking it overnight. I smoked the duck using branches that I’d trimmed from our fruit trees. I didn’t account for the fire that the bacon fat would create and before I knew it, the duck was cooking in the smoker, so it turned out a little overdone. Ingredients included:
apple cider
kosher salt
brown sugar
bay leafs
cracked peppercorn
minced garlic
garlic pepper

Feel free to share any recipes that you have invented or come across!

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