Therapy Wednesday

We have something going on every weekend this month so I took Wednesday off from work to do my therapy visits.

Mural  in Old Town Pocatello

Mural in Old Town Pocatello

I took Sophie to visit the Veterans home and stopped to take a picture of this mural painted on the side of one of the buildings in Old Town Pocatello. The artist didn’t go through the proper approval process and the historical society was going to have it removed, however there was strong support to leave it.

Elvis took the afternoon shift and had kind of a breakthrough visit with one individual. Not only was today the first time I’ve heard him speak words, but we carried on a nice long broken conversation.

It started when I began flopping Elvis’ ears back and forth, which got him laughing. That led to him asking several questions about dogs and Elvis and we visited for some time. After visiting the rest of the residents, he made sure that I brought Elvis over to him for a “goodbye” pat on the head.

Such is the power of a therapy dog.

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2 Responses to Therapy Wednesday

  1. That is so wonderful. You are a good therapy dog Elvis. I like the mural.


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