Sophie gives us a scare

Sophie threw a scare into us this past Sunday afternoon and neither of us really thought she’d live through the night. For some time now, we’ve suspected that she has congestive heart failure and think that she had a mild heart attack.

We had gone to a movie and came home to find her standing in the living room, tail and ears down, her eyes lifeless and absolutely no energy. She seemed to be in a daze although she had no problem eating her dinner.

Sunday evening she stood looking up at our bed which is her way of telling us that she wanted on it, so I lifted her onto the bed and she fell asleep in her favorite spot, head on my pillow. When we went to bed, I picked her up and put her on her own bed, not expecting her to make it through the night.

However she woke up Monday morning back to her normal self. The episode was a reminder that at her age, time is limited. She did a great on her therapy visits two days before but I still considered retiring her after this incident. In the end we then decided that as long as she is excited to go on therapy visits and is able to, she can keep doing it for whatever time she has left.

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2 Responses to Sophie gives us a scare

  1. Oh my gosh, how scary. I am so glad she is feeling better and hopefully will have many more therapy visits.


  2. Thanks, but it was not meant to be. Sophie crossed the Rainbow Bridge today, just 1 1/2 years after her last hunt and a week after her last therapy visit.


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