Ruffed Grouse wrap

Ruffed grouse wrap with chips

Ruffed grouse wrap with chips

If you’re like me and your culinary skills are more like “Worst Cooks in America” than “Top Chef”, here’s a simple recipe that turned out pretty good. It was supposed to be a wrap but I overstuffed the tortilla and was too lazy to get another, so it ate more like a taco or gyro.

I sprinkled Italian Herbs (liberally) on my ruffed grouse breasts and then fried them in olive oil – no breading. For the wrap, I spread cream cheese on a fajita tortilla, added chopped tomatoes, then the fried grouse breasts that I had cut in strips.

I’m going to try the recipe again with Pheasant, and this time I’ll add some shredded lettuce and chopped olives. If you give this recipe a try, feel free to share your recipe and let me know how it turned out.

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2 Responses to Ruffed Grouse wrap

  1. Sounds yummy. If I had some grouse, or pheasant I would try it. I suppose I could make chicken. We eat a lot of chicken around here these days….lol.


  2. It all tastes like chicken, put a couple of bbs in it and you won’t know the difference! haha


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