Privacy warning

I’m going to deviate from my bird dog posts to warn everyone about a web site that may publish more of your personal information than you want anyone to know. The web site is and anyone can conduct a search on you, and you’ll never be notified.

The following may not be a complete list, but here is the type of information that anyone can find on you:
Criminal records
Complete address history
All phone numbers you’ve had
Birth records
Court records
Mug shots
Contact information
Sex offenses
Speeding tickets
Online activities
Personal information
Related persons (including boy friends, girl friends, significant others, etc.)

You can opt out of this web site, but it’s not apparent and takes 48 hours to go into effect. All this information about you still exists and is still available, but not as easily obtainable. There are online instructions on how to opt out of this web site.

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