Elvis meets Glory

The following blog has been updated with a couple of corrections.

Elvis met Glory this past Friday during his visit to the Idaho State Veteran’s Home. This was Glory’s second month as a staff member, following months of training as an Emotional Support Dog.

Elvis meets Glory in the activities room

She’s a beautiful white 11-month old Labradoodle who is still adjusting to life in a care facility with many distractions and many people. Glory has met a number of small dogs but Elvis is by far the largest dog she’s met, and was intimidated by him. However Elvis being his calm, cool, collected self gave her space and she did better after a walk through the halls with him.

Glory not sure what to think of Elvis

The VA home had been researching the benefits of Emotional Support Dogs prior to getting Glory, and she was selected partly because being a Labradoodle, residents who are allergic to dogs wouldn’t be affected by her fur. We will still continue our therapy visits but Glory, being at the VA Home every day, can provide much more therapy than our short monthly visits.

Sparrow in a gun barrel

Glory has already had a big impact on residents suffering from PTSD, their anxieties and stress are greatly reduced while spending time with her. And as Glory spends more time with Elvis, she should become more comfortable being around other large dogs.

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2 Responses to Elvis meets Glory

  1. I am surprised they picked a labradoodle since it is a myth that they are hypoallergenic. Some are and some are not. No guarantees there. The other issue is that many have an uneven temperament. They just do not have the genetics behind them to predict temperament. I have heard many stories from pro trainers who have tried to work with them. The fact that the dog was intimidated by a dog like Elvis is troubling. I hope it works out for the facility long term.


  2. I hope she works out, she seems to be doing well with the residents. I’m hoping that she just needs to settle in and become more comfortable with the facility.


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