Training never ends

Training can’t begin soon enough for the guys but it’s going to be a little while before they actually get on some birds, considering spring projects and my nesting pigeons. So to satisfy their need to get out, I let them roam the pasture while I do yard work.

Take Mia for example.

This past Friday, they spent about an hour hunting the pasture before getting bored and returning to lounge around on the lawn. While everyone else went to sleep, Mia returned to the pasture where she found and retrieved a young Robin that was learning to fly. Yup, she was clearly proud of herself.

The young bird was largely unharmed attesting to her soft mouth, but in catching it, Mia had mangled one wing beyond repair. After praising her for doing such a great job of search, retrieve, and delivering to hand, I dispatched the young bird.

So even though we’re not doing any training at the moment, the guys are staying engaged whether it’s searching the pasture for birds, or retrieving them when they’re found.

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