Salmon Poisoning Disease

A co-worker told me that one of her Labs died from Salmon Poisoning Disease, something I’d never heard of before. The Lab found the entrails from a salmon that a fisherman had cleaned, and immediately began eating them. Although she yelled at the dog to drop the entrails, it of course swallowed them. When the dog became sick, they took him to the vet but by then it was too late and there was nothing the vet could do.

This disease can be found in a variety of fish that live primarily in the costal Pacific Northwest including Salmon and Steelhead that migrate inland. A more detailed article on Salmon Poisoning Disease can be found on the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association web page.

Prevention is always the best medicine but always be prepared – for example, several tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide can induce vomiting. Feeding a dog raw fish is never a good idea and for fish susceptible to the Neorickettsia helmonthoeca organism, the recommendation is to either cook it thoroughly or deep-freeze it for a minimum of 2 weeks before feeding it to your dog.

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