Mia’s training photos 8-19-17

Working the Irish Setter with Mia on point

Working with the Irish Setter. Mia established point and then the setter was brought in to work the bird.

Mia retrieving a pigeon

Mia on point while working her solo. She started out slow but was soon running big.

Mia and Maya on point

Mia honors Max, the English Pointer, while Chris moves in to flush

Doc’s training photos 8-5-17

setters, spaniels, and Spinoni

Working with Doc on a check cord. His only weakness is breaking on birds that flush wild and surprise him.

The Irish Setter on a check cord

Doc on point while working with one of the spaniels on honoring

Doc on point while the spaniel honors

Chris working with the Brittany/Springer cross

One of the Brittany Spaniels on point

Doc retrieving a pigeon. All of my dogs naturally have soft mouths and retrieve birds uninjured.