Doc’s training photos 8-5-17

setters, spaniels, and Spinoni

Working with Doc on a check cord. His only weakness is breaking on birds that flush wild and surprise him.

The Irish Setter on a check cord

Doc on point while working with one of the spaniels on honoring

Doc on point while the spaniel honors

Chris working with the Brittany/Springer cross

One of the Brittany Spaniels on point

Doc retrieving a pigeon. All of my dogs naturally have soft mouths and retrieve birds uninjured.

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2 Responses to Doc’s training photos 8-5-17

  1. jenniesisler says:

    Such beautiful dogs! The setter reminds me of my sister’s dog, except hers is a red and white, which was the original breed standard. Doc looks so proud retrieving that pigeon. Is the Brittney/Springer as hyperactive as I would think, or am I making a false assumption about spaniels? Thanks for sharing your sweet babies with us.

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  2. Thanks. The Brittanys and Brittany cross are high energy for sure. When we flushed one of the pigeons, the Brittany we were working with nearly snagged it out of the air.


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