A new home

Thanks to some diligent technicians and customer service reps, we’re back online sooner than expected and I’m posting this article from our new home.

Our new house

We weren’t really planning on it but when everything fell into place, we sold our home and moved into town. It took 10 days to sell but 30 days to close, and now the stress is over and we’re settled in.

We discourage Dakota from unnecessarily following us up and down the stairs due to her heart condition, so she’s contented to wait for us.

The Spinone were confused and stressed during the month we were packing up to move, but only took them two days to become comfortable in the new house. They really enjoy the back deck and all the rooms they to explore.

The windows are the perfect height.

Several years ago I realized that, while our pasture was good for basic training, it was inadequate for more advanced training – the dogs were no longer training but simply going through a routine. Any real training they received was when we worked with my trainer, and our new home is located closer to the foothills where we can train.

The guys love our big deck.

Some of the neighbors have dogs that are unruly, but that’s what fences are for and we’re pleased how well our guys adjusted. We actually feel more out in the country here in town than when we lived 7 miles out of town. It’s quiet, there’s a farm next to us with horses and geese, and a herd of Texas Longhorns not far away that we can hear from time to time.

Checking out the back yard day 1.

With less land to take care of, we can hopefully do more playing and less maintaining.

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2 Responses to A new home

  1. Gosh I am so far behind but big congratulations. Moving is such a daunting endeavor. I did it far too many times when I was young. I guess I am planted now…lol. Hope you have a wonderful hunting season.


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