Doc opens hunting season

Doc got the call to open hunting season, with a Ruffed Grouse hunt in Wolverine Canyon. It was perfect hunting conditions – wind, rain, and temperatures in the mid 50’s.

Wolverine Canyon

Doc scented birds several times but was unable to track them down.


The burrs and grass seeds were much worse this year than I’ve ever seen, and I spent about half-an-hour grooming them from his face. I was worried about them getting into his ears and decided to call off our hunt.

Doc covered in burrs and grass seeds

Hunting the creek bottom on our way back to the vehicle, Doc locked up on point. I could see a Ruffed Grouse running through the brush ahead of him and when it stopped, I moved in. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a shot when it flushed through the heavy brush.

Doc stares down a calf

Back home, I spent two hours grooming burrs and grass seeds out of Doc before bathing him. Even though I was not successful in bagging a bird, it was nonetheless an enjoyable opening hunt.

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2 Responses to Doc opens hunting season

  1. jenniesisler says:

    Looks like beautiful scenery. Poor Doc looks so miserable with all those burrs in his fur! Don’t think I’ve ever seen him have so many


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