Parliament in session

Elvis works into the wind.

This past Friday I took Elvis partridge hunting, it was the first time I had taken him to that area since he was caught in an illegal snare several years ago.

One of the owls we encountered

I haven’t seen partridge there for a few years but it was a conveniently short drive. We found no sign of partridge, but ran into a parliament of 11 owls. I’ve seen parliaments of this size in December and January, but never this early in the year.

Doc partridge hunting

To catch up with Doc’s hunting, I took him partridge hunting to another area where, again, I haven’t seen birds for a few years. We saw no sign of partridge but Doc went on point and I found fresh Sage Grouse droppings nearby.

Doc checks out a lava tube

Several hail storms dumped on us while hunting so we didn’t stay long.

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