Doc in the water

I took Doc duck hunting last weekend and it was pheasants galore. Understandable, since pheasant season for this region ended two days before.

The river upstream from the bluffs

Not many ducks were flying so we hunted our way up the river hoping to jump shoot some along the shore. The shoreline was a sheer drop-off of about 4-5 feet and Doc tumbled off the bank while exploring it.

Doc taking a dip not far from where he fell off the bank and into the water.

I guided Doc to a spot where I could help him back on land, and after that I couldn’t keep him out of the water. Three Mallards flushed a distance ahead of us and I dropped the greenhead, sending it tumbling into the water.

Doc looking for ducks

It was a long shot and a longer retrieve. Doc hit the water about the same time as the duck and made a very nice retrieve, and once again I had to help him up the bank and onto land.

We then headed downstream but with the water running as high as it is, it was too dangerous to allow Doc into the water so I took him up onto the bluffs to hunt partridge. I wasn’t able to hunt where I really wanted to, since being Saturday morning, dirt bikers were out in force.

Doc with the duck he retrieved

Doc looking down on the river. Here, it was too dangerous to allow him into the water.

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6 Responses to Doc in the water

  1. Shirley Bauer says:

    Thank you Robert for posting! I love seeing Doc work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, he is so much fun to hunt with. What a go-getter!


  3. jenniesisler says:

    Aww Doc worked so hard! I can see why you didn’t let him in the water at that one point, looks like the current was running fast. Glad to see the fall into the water didn’t scare him too much.

    Liked by 1 person

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