Goodbye Dakota

With heavy hearts and a lot of tears, Carrie and I were with Dakota when she crossed the rainbow bridge Friday night.


We noticed that she was bloating and immediately took her to our vet, knowing that there was nothing we could do for her.


We knew this day would come when she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a year ago, but assumed it would be from a heart attack as with Sophie. However her bloat was associated with her heart condition.

Dakota retrieving a duck in 2010

We’ve never seen a dog with more love in their heart, nor a dog that was truly happy every day of her life. Everyone who met Dakota wanted to take her home with them.

Her joy was that infectious.

When we got her at the age of 18 months,  a wire cable had been her collar and leash, and that damaged her throat.

She didn’t know how to chew on a bone or play with toys. When she did learn to play with toys, nothing brought her more fun than catching frisbees.


Just shy of her 13th birthday, our wild, rambunctious, eternally youthful girl who never slowed down a day of her life, has taken her last step, dug her last bumper from my hunting closet, and curled up on our laps for the last time.


Run free, Dakota. You now have all of Heaven to share your love with.





We discourage Dakota from unnecessarily following us up and down the stairs due to her heart condition, so she’s contented to wait for us.


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10 Responses to Goodbye Dakota

  1. Ted W says:

    Sorry for your loss, Robert and Carrie. No matter how old they are or how many dogs we have, they always take a piece of our heart with them.


    • Thanks, even though we knew the day was coming, it’s tough. The guys are subdued today, they didn’t even beg for something at breakfast. Doc and Dakota became very close after Sophie passed away, and Doc half-heartedly tried playing with a toy but wasn’t in the mood.


  2. ted says:

    I am so sorry. Even when you are somewhat anticipating it due to health issues – it’s never easy. The rest of the pack definitely grieves along with you. Thankfully you all have each other to depend on (and who depends on you). That’s why we always have more than one dog. I can’t imagine coming home to an empty house (no dogs waiting). Sending you good thoughts and hugs. – Erin


    • Thanks, even with three dogs, the house is so quiet without her energy. The guys are subdued, especially Doc. He and Dakota became good buddies after Sophie passed away. For one of the few times in my life I’m without a Lab, and so glad to have Spinoni.


  3. jenniesisler says:

    I am so sorry for your loss❤💔


  4. I am sorry I missed this post and sorry for the loss of Dakota. I loved seeing all the pictures of her.

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