Behavioral changes

Doc enjoying the snowfall

Since we moved to our new house last September, we’ve noticed some behavioral changes in the guys. Perhaps it’s because this house is twice the size of our last one, maybe because the floors are carpeted instead of hardwood, who knows.

Mia wearing the evidence

Mia has become Mia the Mischievous and for the first time, has began destroying things. On several occasions, she has gotten into our shred bag and scattered it around, and has a certain fascination with a certain rubber doorstop. Much more so after Dakota’s passing, so I’ve been setting manilla envelopes around to keep her from destroying anything important. She’s also much more playful as are all the guys.

Mia’s mess.

Elvis is rejuvenated and it’s clear that he enjoys our raised wooden deck much more than the cement deck at our old house. He and Doc now play with each other quite a bit and have become much closer.

Unlike our old house, this one has several windows that look out onto the street and neighborhood and are Spinoni-height, so they can sit and rest their chins on the window sill and watch the neighbors. We now have a city lot instead of four acres and take the guys for walks where before they ran in the pasture, but whatever their change in behavior, it’s obvious that they’re happier living here.

The guys obviously like our bed