An off off-season

With six weeks until hunting season begins, I’ve still yet to do any training with the guys and have decided to scrap my plans for testing them this fall, instead, the focus will be on getting them in shape for hunting season. I haven’t posted much this summer but can pretty much sum it up here.

The river has been running dangerously high all spring and summer and people have been warned to stay away from it. There have tragically been several drownings from those who didn’t heed the warning. Needless to say, doing any kind of water work in the river was out of the question. A flare-up of gout had me hobbling around for a couple of weeks, but I got over it and was able to take Doc out to a nearby pond for some simple retrieves. I must not have cleaned his ears well enough because he developed an ear infection that took several weeks to clear up.

Then little Miss Mia destroyed a plastic bowl and I believe she ingested some plastic shards, because she became lethargic and stopped eating. I took her to the vet for blood work and she was suffering from a serious GI infection, from which she’s now thankfully recovering due to some heavy duty antibiotics and other medication.

Field work didn’t happen for several reasons – first, the ticks are very bad this year and I haven’t found a good place to train; one area that’s perfect for training is also infested with rattlesnakes. Second, I got rid of all my birds when we moved into town, and a wing on a bumper is a poor substitute.

But with that now all behind us and with the river at a safe level, I can now get the guys in the water for some retrieves. Except for the deadly algae (see hyperlink). Already one dog has died from the algae while swimming in the river.

So what have the guys been doing all summer?

Basking in the sun (or shade)

Chilling out after a long day of relaxing

Guarding the property and barking at neighbors

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