Goodbye little miss Mia

Mia’s first day home

Carrie and Mia the day she came home with us

Our Silver Anniversary was spent dining on pizza, watching TV, and snuggling with our beautiful little brown roan for the last time.

Wednesday morning, we were with Mia when she crossed the rainbow bridge.

Baby Mia

I had mentioned in a previous blog that she had a serious GI infection.

Her health briefly improved following treatment, then began declining rapidly.

I took her in for x-rays and they showed a large tumor on her spleen.

Mia visiting Nana

We were not satisfied with that bad news, and Carrie took Mia to our old vet in Pocatello who confirmed that not only did Mia have a cancerous tumor on her spleen, but strongly believed the cancer had spread to her heart. Mia’s time with us would be very short regardless of what we did.

Her favorite toy, a metal ball she carried over her nose. Maybe she smelled the chocolates that had come in it.

Mia, the little mischief-maker, Spinone clown, and who along with Sophie was the best hunting partner I’ve ever had.

It was as though we hunted with a single mind, and she was an absolute joy to hunt with.

Swimming with Mia at Martin Lake

My little huntress pushed herself harder than I ever would have and never slowed down or gave up on even our marathon hunts.

If there was anyone who would seek out the heaviest brush to hunt, it was Mia.

Mia passes 3 legs of her JH title. She didn’t fail a single test in earning her title.

Mia was our snug bunny whose place on the couch between us was undisputed. She was our talker, our “Moaning Mia” who was always happy to carry on a conversation with us. She crawled into bed with us on that last morning and for over an hour we lay snuggling, Mia talking to us the entire time. She even responded with “wawa” each time Carrie asked her to say “mama”.

And she was our first grandson’s favorite dog. He always had to know where his “MiYa” was.

Mia loved our bed

Mia beckoning me to follow her.

We were with Mia when she came into this life and we were with her when she left it. Hopefully the pain will fade long before the memories.

While we could curse God for taking her, instead we thank Him for bringing her into our lives. 

Goodbye little miss Mia, run free.

Mia was always carrying a toy.


Mia’s look when she wanted to show me something.

Posing with Mia and her two ducks

I could tell what the bird was doing and how far away it was by the way Mia pointed

Mia on a nice point

Mia and her mom Umbra at Nana’s

Mia retrieving a Pheasant

Mia, her last day with us

A leisure stroll through a park on Mia’s last day.

Mia stops to smell the flowers. We then took her on a drive through the foothills with the windows down, letting her smell the sage and junipers one last time.

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4 Responses to Goodbye little miss Mia

  1. So sorry to read this very sad news. What a beautiful dog she was – and a lucky one to have your family to live with.


  2. Dick Kaiser says:

    Sorry for your loss. You comment about the memories lasting is perceptive and true for th eloss of any loved one.


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