Cops and dogs

I took Doc and Elvis out for a little training, where we again focused on searching.

Doc excited to train

Two policemen were monitoring traffic at the school across the street from where we were training. After training, I spoke with them for a bit, inquiring as to whether a certain plot of weed-covered land was city or private property.

Doc honors Elvis’ retrieve

It turns out that the acre-sized patch of weeds is city-owned, and I can use it for training. One of the officers recognized the guys as being Spinone and it turns out that his uncle once owned one.

Stretching Doc’s range to about 100 yards

We spent a little while talking about dogs and hunting, and as he lives nearby, was interested in watching me train the guys. Afterwards, I took Doc shopping and Elvis to the vet for his annual checkup.

Doc retrieving. Several days of rain melted nearly all the snow.

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