Smoking in the snow

A snowstorm didn’t stop me from smoking the ducks that we bagged this last hunting season, and they turned out absolutely delicious. This has now become my favorite duck recipe that can either be an appetizer (if you eat several of them) or a meal (if you eat a lot of them).

The smoker was a wedding present but after 25 years, is falling apart.

The original recipe called for various spices that I forgot to use, and found this simplified version just as good if not better than the original.

Doc and Elvis check out the smoker

After thawing out my ducks, I put them in a large pot and boiled them in apple cider for about 1 ½ hours. I drained them and let them cool, then breasted them out, cutting each breast in 4-5 pieces. Not letting anything go to waste, I snacked on the legs and thighs while breasting them out. The thighs absorbed more of the apple cider and were a little sweeter than the breasts.

Bacon wrapped duck fresh out of the smoker

Next, I then wrapped each piece of duck in bacon which I pinned on with a toothpick. This, I smoked over charcoal and mesquite wood, turning them over once to smoke evenly –  monitor your smoker since the drippings will start a fire that can burn the duck. So if you have still have some ducks in the freezer, this is a simple and delicious way to use them up.

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