Baseball with Doc

This last Friday, I took Doc and Elvis out for retrieving drills, specifically the baseball drill. Until we can get on some birds, I’m focusing on retrieving.

Doc and Elvis take a pre-training run

I put Doc on the pitcher’s mound and placed the bumper at first base, then cast him. On his first attempt, Doc ran to me and then the bumper. On the next two casts, Doc made big arcs on his way to first base however the next three casts, he maintained a straight line to first base and back to me.

Doc picks up the first base bumper

I repeated the drill with the bumper at third base and exaggerated my casting. After a couple of casts, Doc was taking a nice line to the bumper and back to me.

Doc retrieving the third base bumper

As for Elvis, he’s taking his retirement seriously and decided it was too nice of a day for retrieving, so he stretched out on the grass, enjoyed the morning sun and watched me work with Doc.

Elvis sunbathing instead of training

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