Another successful rescue

Looked out the window Sunday morning to see a black Lab sleeping on our neighbor’s front porch so we took it in. He didn’t appear to be an old dog, but was very stiff and sore as if it had traveled a very long distance or perhaps been hit by a car.

The Lab was neutered, had at one time received rabies shots, and although dirty and smelling of skunk, was not neglected. We didn’t want to take a chance of exposing our guys to canine influenza, so we kept it in a crate in the garage, gave it food and water, and lots of blankets to lay on.

We immediately called the Humane Society, but nobody had reported a missing Lab so we decided to keep it until Monday when the animal shelter opened. It was very well mannered and I took it on short walks every 2 to 3 hours, then washing my hands after each walk.

By the time I took him for a walk on Monday morning, he had recuperated enough to be full of energy and howled his displeasure at being crated. Carrie took him to the animal shelter when it opened and luckily, he was microchipped and should be home safe and sound by the time I post this article.

The owners don’t live far from us so whatever his adventures or why he chose to spend the night on our neighbor’s porch, I guess only he knows.