A training reminder

The guys don’t appreciate vacations and become restless between the end of hunting season and start of their off-season training. Occasional workouts on the treadmill and runs in the pasture still don’t appease them, they want birds.

So on Saturday afternoon I put the Spins on two birds each just to get their minds back on training. It was about ten minutes of training for the guys but a 3-hour session for me, since most of the time was spent planting the birds and walking the spins between the house and pasture – like a football game that only has 11 minutes of football action and over 2 hours of commercials and sideline shots of players standing around.

We trained with the wind at our backs since I wasn’t about to walk to the opposite end of the pasture and work back against it. The guys did a nice job of quartering with the wind but not being dummies, focused their attention on the few tufts of dead grass that provided what little cover there was.

This reintroduction gets their mind back on pointing since the last half of hunting season is spent primarily retrieving waterfowl, and maybe only briefly, satisfies their bird obsession.

Elvis’ busy weekend

Elvis on his therapy visit

Elvis on his therapy visit

This last weekend was a busy one for Elvis. Friday was his day for therapy visits at the Idaho State Veterans Home while Sophie visited an assisted living center and hospital rehabilitation center.

Doc and Elvis helping with 4H

Doc and Elvis helping with 4H

Saturday, Elvis along with Doc, helped the 4H kids with their dog show training. Our group played “follow the leader” in which each person in the group took turns being the leader who would give a command and all the followers would then give their dogs the same command.

Elvis resting after a busy weekend

Elvis resting after a busy weekend

And Sunday was a day of rest.

H3N2 dog flu

With next month’s Westminster dog show, I thought I’d post some information on the H3N2 dog flu that has now been identified in 25 states; Montana and Washington have been hit especially hard by this flu. While the flu cannot be transmitted to humans, it is highly contagious among dogs.

This is a new strain of the flu that has only been around since March 2015 and symptoms include lethargy, fever, lack of appetite, coughing and sneezing. The mortality rate is about 10% which is primarily due to secondary infections, and although there is no cure, symptoms such as fever, dehydration, etc. can be treated.

A “lifestyle” vaccine was developed in November 2015 but not every dog should have it. It would be wise to contact your veterinarian for more information and how best to protect your dog especially if it is going to be around other dogs, such as groomer, kennel, traveling, or dog shows and hunt tests.

2015 hunting season music video

I’ve compiled a variety of photos and videos into a music video as the 2015 hunting season comes to an end. And once again, I’ve added some “never before seen” photos and videos that were not posted in my blog or on my Facebook page.