Close call on a dog fight

A Malamute lives at one of the houses that we pass while walking the guys, and is either chained up or kept in the back yard. That wasn’t the case last Friday as the owners and dog, unchained, were in the front yard.

We came around the corner and the Malamute charged the moment he saw the guys. He came up to Elvis and stood head-to-head waiting for an excuse to attack. To Elvis’ credit, he didn’t respond but I was worried that Doc and Mia would. They stood tense, hackles raised, waiting for the slightest reason to go after the Malamute and they would have gone through Elvis to do it.

It would have been a very ugly pack fight and I’m sure more than one of us would have ended up in the hospital had it gotten that far. A lot of scenarios for breaking it up the dog fight went through my mind as we stood motionless while the owner collared his dog and led him back to the yard. He did apologize, and I praised the guys for keeping a level head, but from now on, we’re carrying pepper spray on our walks.

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2 Responses to Close call on a dog fight

  1. There is a lady locally who has a huge Malamute and unfortunately she doesn’t recognise that he is a very unpleasant bully to Kizzy, so much so that my OH has had to reroute his walks if he sees them in the distance.

    A relief that a dog fight was avoided in your case.


  2. I was nervous for a few moments, that’s for sure. It’s a shame that so many people just let their dogs run loose, but I think some pepper spray would be a great deterrent.


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